Landlord Sues Doctor To Block Abortions

5 02 2011

A landlord in Wichita, Kansas, is suing to prevent a tenant from performing abortions, according to the Washington Post:

Abortion services haven’t been offered in Wichita since Dr. George Tiller was gunned down while serving as a church usher in May 2009. Tiller was of the nation’s few late-term abortion providers.

A lawsuit filed this week by Foliage Development seeks a temporary restraining order to keep Dr. Mila Means from performing abortions at its office complex.

Foliage Development argues that performing abortions in the building would be a disruption and nuisance to other tenants and create an unsafe environment.

“Unsafe environment” is a bit subtle. I was thinking of “murderous”, “savage”, “brutal”, or “bloodthirsty”.


Franklin Graham Speaks Out Against Abortion

3 12 2008

The Christian Post is reporting on Franklin Graham’s recent message at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California.

During the message, Graham listed a variety of sins, from lying and stealing to bearing false witness.

Most emphasized, however, was the sin of murder, in particular abortion.

“You say, ‘Well come on, Franklin. This is California. We’re kind of a liberal state, but they’ll still put you in jail for murder around here.’ No, they don’t,” Graham said before pointing to abortion as a form of murder.

“There’s some of you here tonight who are guilty, guilty of murder. And there are some of you men … you’re guilty because you’ve approved of what your girlfriend has done or what your wife has done or your sister has done,” he said. “You’ve approved it, and you’re guilty too.”

The evangelist then went on to recall the story of a woman from “one of those liberal New York magazines” who conducted a two-day interview with him some time ago.

After growing a bit tired from the interview, Graham had asked the reporter if he could ask her a few questions.

When she told him to go ahead, Graham asked her where she stood before God.

“All of a sudden her eyes filled up with tears,” he recalled. Graham then went on to share the Gospel with her and prayed with her, though they were at a restaurant at the time.

The ministry leader then recalled how the woman turned to him and said she had to confess something to him at that moment.

“You don’t have to confess anything to me. God is forgiving you,” Graham told her.

“No, I have to tell you,” she responded.

“Twenty years ago, I had an abortion and it has haunted me all the days of my life,” she said. “And there hasn’t been a day that hasn’t gone by that I haven’t asked myself what that child would have looked like.

“Can God forgive me for what I have done?” she asked.

“I said, ‘He just did,’” Graham recalled. “Then she buried her face in her hands and just wept.”