Gosnell Not An Aberration

5 06 2013

In the wake of the Gosnell atrocities and the other outrages that are coming to the light of day, Ian Tuttle from National Review has a great article on the mounting evidence that is beginning to show that these cases aren’t exactly an aberration in the world of abortion.

The accumulating evidence shows that Gosnell was not an “outlier,” and that it was not particularly lax oversight of abortion clinics in Pennsylvania that permitted his grisly operation to continue. It shows, instead, that horror clinics are distributed throughout the country — and that those who operate them frequently take their life-threatening operations on the road.

But a woman does not need to walk into a “house of horrors” to find herself in danger. Investigators in not only the states mentioned above, but also Alabama, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Colorado, are presenting evidence that abortion clinics are regularly out of compliance with state health regulations.

It should not come as a surprise that an industry that has so little regard for human life should have so little regard for laws and regulations.


Colorado “Life Begins at Conception” Amendment Faces Resistance

13 10 2008

The Christian Post has a story about a proposed amendment on the Colorado ballot that would define human life beginning at conception. But it’s facing resistance from unlikely sources.

National anti-abortion opposition groups aren’t funding it. Colorado’s anti-abortion Democratic governor, Bill Ritter, held a press conference on the Capitol steps to denounce it, joining the Colorado Bar Association and the Colorado Medical Society.

The executive director of the Colorado Catholic Conference, Jennifer Kraska, said the church believes life begins at conception. But Kraska said Catholics fear that the amendment’s passage wouldn’t end abortion but rather lead to judicial reaffirmation of abortion rights.

“We just don’t think this is the best way to pursue the end of abortion,” Kraska said.