Planned Parenthood Claims It’s Doing Sacred Work

12 10 2011 is reporting that a Planned Parenthood facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is attempting to clean up its image by posting a sign at its entrance that states, “Planning for parenthood is sacred work.” Um, yeah. As Shawn Carney states,

If “planning for parenthood” means a husband and wife prayerfully cooperating with God’s will within holy matrimony, then that can be sacred.

But that isn’t what they’re talking about — not at an abortion center.

Carney lays out exactly how much of PP’s business–and it is a business to them–revolves around killing unborn babies. Excellent post by Carney. Click on the link above to see the sign.


Abortion Center Owners Charged

25 06 2008 is reporting that San Diego County prosecutors officially charged two owners of a chain of abortion clinics with practicing without a license and grand theft.

Bertha Pinedo Bugarin stands accused of telling women considering abortions that she was a licensed medical doctor. She also illegally prescribed the women drugs that only a licensed physician can prescribe.

Prosecutors said Bugarin’s actions put women at risk and cited one case involving a woman who had to be rushed to the hospital because of a life-threatening medical condition.

“This defendant preyed on women in the Hispanic community,” San Diego County Dist. Atty. Bonnie Dumanis said during the Friday hearing, according to the Los Angeles Times. “By passing herself off as a doctor, she put these women’s lives in serious danger.”

Dumanis said nine former patients identified Bertha Bugarin as the Clinica Medica de la Mujer abortion center owner who masqueraded as a physician.

She said one woman ultimately gave birth prematurely to a baby who lived for three hours before dying. A second paid $500 for an abortion and had to return a second time because the abortion procedure failed to remove all of the body of the unborn child.

Of course, the pro-choice crowd would say, “See? This is what would happen if you make abortion illegal. Women would be forced to go to persons who are operating in the shadows illegally.” Here’s what has to say about this:

Ostensibly, this argument is made in the name of safety. “If women can’t abort legally, they’ll do so illegally, and it will be much more dangerous for them.” While this claim is not true, even it were, nothing would change. Abortion would still be unjustified. Wouldn’t it be absurd to try and legalize armed robbery by arguing that granting such measures would make it much safer for the burglars to obtain what they’re trying to steal? Laws must protect the potential victim, not the potential assailant.