More from The Facade of Choice

1 12 2008

In this post, I’m highlighting another area of the website–the facade of “Choice”. Before I add a snippet from them, let me say that if you want more information on how to persuade friends or family members on what abortion is really about, one of the best websites is They’ve done their research, have all the facts, and present them in a way that is impactful and creative. It’s especially designed to speak to the Facebook and MySpace generation. Okay, now for a sneak preview of what they have to say about “Choice”…

Since abortion is impossible to justify on the merits (it kills a living human being, remember), “choice” has become the foundation of its political justification. Abortion advocates don’t want to talk about facts or science, but they love to talk about “choice”. “This is America…We’re free to choose…You can’t legislate morality!” Nothing has so clouded and confused the politics of this debate more than the misconstrued application of this one little term. The bottom line is this. Choice is nothing apart from the context to which it is applied. Individual choices are either recognized or restricted based upon the circumstances at hand. That’s how our laws work. You simply cannot talk about choice in isolation.
For thirty years, however, abortion advocates have sought to bestow upon choice a nobility all its own, a nobility it has no claim to. They refuse to be called “pro-abortion”, but they gladly accept the label “pro-choice” (despite the fact that there are countless other issues for which they are decidedly not pro-choice). The fact is, laws against rape, murder, assault, theft, speeding, drunk-driving and even smoking are all “anti-choice”. They take away legal protection from one particular choice in order to protect a more foundational freedom. All such laws are “legislating morality”. That’s the only way society can survive. Personal choices that infringe on the life or livelihood of another human being must be legislated against. Therefore, anyone who defends legal abortion by simply arguing that people must be free to make their own choices is either ignorant or dishonest.

Again, please direct anyone who is undecided on the whole issue of abortion to Also, if you know of anyone considering getting an abortion, please use this site to educate yourself and them.


Why Rape Isn’t a Good Reason for Abortion

6 09 2008

One of the stories coming out of the convention is that the GOP adopted a stance on abortion that was tougher than what John McCain has taken. Namely, the GOP platform does not believe that rape or incest is a valid reason (aka excuse) for abortion. Unfortunately, many pro-life advocates (and politicians) believe that any law limiting abortion should contain exceptions for rape or incest. presents the case against using rape as an excuse for abortion:

Let’s say the woman does carry her child to term and decides to raise her daughter herself. After five years, however, she decides that the little girl’s presence in her life is too much of a burden. Should that mother have the right to kill her five year-old daughter who was born to her as a result of sexual assault?

Obviously not. No matter what the circumstances are regarding the little girl’s conception, she is a human being with a right to life that cannot be taken away from her. But what about before she is born, does this change anything? No, it doesn’t. Abortion is an act of violence that kills a living human being. The circumstances surrounding the conception do not change this simple reality. Rape and abortion share this in common. They are both acts of violent assault against an innocent victim. Aborting a child conceived through rape simply extends this pattern of violence and victimhood. It does not “unrape” the woman, but it will almost certainly increase her regret and misery. Whereas rape is an act of violence for which she bears no responsibility, abortion is an act of violence for which she would be morally culpable. Consider the following email, received by Abort73 on January 19, 2007:

I just wanted to say that I am so pleased to read your stance on abortion in the case of rape. My mother was a 14-year-old girl who was raped, and she tried to have an abortion. The only reason I am alive today is because the doctor miscalculated her due date and thought she was too far in the pregnancy to have the abortion, when in reality he was a month off (this actually happened twice). It pains me every time I hear even die hard pro-lifers say “except in the case of rape”. I know it is traumatizing for a girl or woman that is raped to have to carry a child, but it is no more traumatizing than someone who gets shot during a violent attack and has to deal with those wounds. Counseling and therapy can help heal the trauma, but the trauma will be there whether she has the abortion or not, and the abortion could even make it worse. It has caused me so much anxiety over the years to think that many pro-lifers would have approved of my mother’s abortion. By the way, she gave me up for adoption, and my adoptive parents were never able to have children. Thank you so much for this wonderful view against abortion even in the case of rape.

The first post!

21 06 2008

Hello! Thanks for visiting “Save the Little Humans”. My goal is to persuade:
– Those who are pregnant and considering abortion to consider the non-violent alternatives to abortion
– Those who call themselves pro-choice to see the act of abortion for what it really is–the taking of another (innocent) human’s life.
– Those who haven’t really thought much about the issue of abortion to see the truth and see through the arguments of the pro-abortion crowd
– Those who are pro-life but have remained silent on the sidelines to join the fight and DO SOMETHING to change the hearts and minds of a society that has continued to decrease the value placed on human life.

My main method of trying to achieve these goals is to publicize stories from a variety of sources that
highlight what is happening concerning abortion–stories about both sides of the issue, with a little of my own commentary thrown in for good measure.

I also plan to link to the leading voices from the pro-life movement and point to other bloggers like me who might not have the highest number of visits per day, but still are devoted to defending the lives of our “little humans”.

Finally, I would point everyone to They are an excellent source of information for anyone looking to educate themselves on the issue of abortion. Video, audio, banners, flyers, clothing–they’ve got everything you’re looking for.

Read on and God bless you!