7th Grader Forced to Remove Pro-Life Shirt

6 07 2009

American Life League

American Life League

And now on the Crazy California front, Fox News is reporting that the mother of a 7th grader is taking her daughter’s school to court because the principal forced her to change her pro-life t-shirt.

“Before Plaintiff could eat [breakfast] she was ordered by a school staff member to throw her food out and report immediately to Defendant Smith’s office, located in the main office of McSwain Elementary School,” the complaint reads.

“Upon arriving at the main office, Defendant Hernandez, intentionally and without Plaintiff’s consent, grabbed Plaintiff’s arm and forcibly escorted her toward Smith’s office, at all times maintaining a vice-like grip on Plaintiff’s arm. Hernandez only released Plaintiff’s arm after physically locating her in front of Smith and Defendant Rohrer…

“Smith and Rohrer ordered Plaintiff to remove her pro-life T-shirt and instructed Plaintiff to never wear her pro-life T-shirt at McSwain Elementary School ever again…

“Completely humiliated and held out for ridicule, Plaintiff complied with Defendants’ directives and removed her pro-life T-shirt, whereupon, Defendants seized and confiscated it. Defendants did not return Plaintiff’s property until the end of the school day.”

Pro-Lifer Challenging Oakland Law

25 02 2009

Walter B. Hoye is challenging a recent ruling by the Oakland City Council that prevents a person from standing within 100 feet of an abortion clinic, on public property, if they try to pass out pro-life literature or persuade women to choose alternatives to abortion. His challenge comes in the form of taking said actions within 100 feet of the clinic. He’s been arrested already. He might be arrested again.
Here’s his story…

I am praying with two African-American women (a ninety (90) year old and an eighty-four (84) year old) and a dear Catholic sister who is a very good friend of mine. We are asking God to use us to reach the men and women going into the abortion clinic, right across the street, with the love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

We agree that the women will stand across the street with literature sharing alternatives to abortion while I stand on the same side of the street near the door of the abortion clinic with the same literature and a sign that says “God loves you and your baby. Let us help you.”

As we take our positions, I am fully aware that this may be my last opportunity to do all I can to save my people.

This morning may be the last morning I will have a chance to stop the shedding of innocent blood in the African-American community.

This hour may be the last hour available to me to reach out to the men and women with child considering pre-natal murder.