Gosnell Not An Aberration

5 06 2013

In the wake of the Gosnell atrocities and the other outrages that are coming to the light of day, Ian Tuttle from National Review has a great article on the mounting evidence that is beginning to show that these cases aren’t exactly an aberration in the world of abortion.

The accumulating evidence shows that Gosnell was not an “outlier,” and that it was not particularly lax oversight of abortion clinics in Pennsylvania that permitted his grisly operation to continue. It shows, instead, that horror clinics are distributed throughout the country — and that those who operate them frequently take their life-threatening operations on the road.

But a woman does not need to walk into a “house of horrors” to find herself in danger. Investigators in not only the states mentioned above, but also Alabama, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Colorado, are presenting evidence that abortion clinics are regularly out of compliance with state health regulations.

It should not come as a surprise that an industry that has so little regard for human life should have so little regard for laws and regulations.


In-School Clinic Sets Up Abortion For Student–Mom Furious

25 03 2010

KOMO News is reporting that a Seattle high school clinic helped a pregnant student get an abortion without her mother’s consent.

When she signed a consent form, Jill [the mother] figured it meant her 15 year old could go to the Ballard Teen Health Center located inside the high school for an earache, a sports physical, even birth control, but not for help terminating a pregnancy.

“She took a pregnancy test at school at the teen health center,” she said. “Nowhere in this paperwork does it mention abortion or facilitating abortion.”

Jill says her daughter, a pro-life advocate, was given a pass, put in a taxi and sent off to have an abortion during school hours all without her family knowing.

The mother is understandably outraged, but I have to question how much of a pro-life advocate her daughter really is. It’s not like the school forced her to take the taxi to the abortion clinic. But it’s still outrageous that the school’s clinic totally cut the parents out of the loop.

Abortion Center Owners Charged

25 06 2008

Lifenews.com is reporting that San Diego County prosecutors officially charged two owners of a chain of abortion clinics with practicing without a license and grand theft.

Bertha Pinedo Bugarin stands accused of telling women considering abortions that she was a licensed medical doctor. She also illegally prescribed the women drugs that only a licensed physician can prescribe.

Prosecutors said Bugarin’s actions put women at risk and cited one case involving a woman who had to be rushed to the hospital because of a life-threatening medical condition.

“This defendant preyed on women in the Hispanic community,” San Diego County Dist. Atty. Bonnie Dumanis said during the Friday hearing, according to the Los Angeles Times. “By passing herself off as a doctor, she put these women’s lives in serious danger.”

Dumanis said nine former patients identified Bertha Bugarin as the Clinica Medica de la Mujer abortion center owner who masqueraded as a physician.

She said one woman ultimately gave birth prematurely to a baby who lived for three hours before dying. A second paid $500 for an abortion and had to return a second time because the abortion procedure failed to remove all of the body of the unborn child.

Of course, the pro-choice crowd would say, “See? This is what would happen if you make abortion illegal. Women would be forced to go to persons who are operating in the shadows illegally.” Here’s what Abort73.com has to say about this:

Ostensibly, this argument is made in the name of safety. “If women can’t abort legally, they’ll do so illegally, and it will be much more dangerous for them.” While this claim is not true, even it were, nothing would change. Abortion would still be unjustified. Wouldn’t it be absurd to try and legalize armed robbery by arguing that granting such measures would make it much safer for the burglars to obtain what they’re trying to steal? Laws must protect the potential victim, not the potential assailant.