A Parent is Born, part 1

15 07 2012

Jill Stanek has been posting some videos that Pampers has been creating. This series won the 2012 Fatherhood Award from the National Fatherhood Initiative.


Pro-Abortion Forces Have Donated 6 Times More Than Pro-Lifers to Congress

10 12 2009

Jill Stanek links to an interesting article on OpenSecrets.org that shows that Pro-Abortion activists and organizations gave 6 times more money to Washington D.C. politicians than Pro-Lifers gave since 1989.

Overall, individuals and political action committees classified by the Center as part of the abortion rights lobby have contributed about $3.4 million to current senators since 1989. By contrast, individuals and PACs classified by the Center as part of the anti-abortion lobby have contributed just $559,000 to current senators during the same period.

Jill’s take on it:

Makes sense. Pro-aborts contribute to pro-abort politicians from their treasure trove of abortion profits, contraceptive sales – and taxpayer funding for “family planning.” Then pro-abort politicians turn around and give the abortion industry more taxpayer funding.

Pro-lifers contribute to pro-life politicians from their personal blood, sweat, and tears and get nothing personally back in return, just potentially saved lives.

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Gift Certificates for Abortions

27 11 2008

Just when you thought you couldn’t think of anything original or creative to buy that someone special for Christmas, Planned Parenthood has come through for you. As Jill Stanek has posted, Planned Parenthood is offering gift certificates which can be used for anything they offer, including abortions. Can you think of anything better to stuff in that pregnant mom’s stocking than a gift certificate for their very own abortion?

Can’t respond any better than Matt did at LoneStarTimes.com:

… celebrating the most important crisis pregnancy of all time by selling gift certificates, perfect for the woman who has everything but moral fiber…. And it’s so much easier than finding the perfect “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament.

The Audacity of Obama–Smooching Babies

25 06 2008

Leading Pro-Life blogger Jill Stanek posts a link to a video clip of Senator Obama, who is fiercely pro-abortion, smooching the kiddies. How ironic–no, chilling–that the man who wouldn’t have minded if these same children would have been killed just a year or so ago. What a hypocrite. In Jill’s words:

And the idiotic parents of these infants? Obama plants their children with the Kiss of Death, don’t they understand? SendBarackYourBaby.com? What, to kill the baby?

And CNN. How could anyone put a fluff piece together like this and ignore Obama’s extreme positions on abortion? Only someone like-minded who wants to cover for Obama and make him look the opposite of what he is. And was anyone else bothered by the way the reporter threw the baby in the box?