Great New Ad Against Planned Parenthood

26 02 2011

American Life League has posted a great ad on Youtube. Very creative way to show the reality of abortion. Hat-tip to Jill Stanek


Lily Allen Loses Baby

1 11 2010

Very sad news today. Singer Lily Allen has lost her baby, with whom she had been pregnant for six months. This was her second miscarriage in three years. She had been due to give birth in January.

I googled “Lily Allen Miscarriage” and clicked on quite a few of the pages that came up in the search, and every website used the word “baby”. Not “fetus”. Even the more liberal websites like Huffington Post. Hmmm…so in this case, it’s okay to call it a baby, but if you’re referring to the subject of an abortion, you call it a fetus? What’s the difference? Well, in one instance, the baby is desired, so you can call it a baby. In the other instance, it’s not desired, so in order to assuage the guilt, you can call it a fetus. Dehumanize someone and it’s easier to do away with it. Like how the Nazis dealt with the guilt of killing millions of Jews during WWII.