Pregnancy Centers Fight San Francisco’s Blatant Discrimination

18 11 2011

No one should be surprised at anything that happens in San Francisco, the bastion of hyper-liberal politics. But here’s the latest one coming out of that city. According to Courthouse News Service, the city’s mayor, Edwin Lee, signed a bill on 4 November that would fine pregnancy centers if they make “untrue or misleading” statements. The bill’s sponsors readily admit that they are targeting two pregnancy centers that try to offer alternatives to abortion to pregnant women. But the centers are fighting back.

…in a federal complaint, one of those centers says the legislation is an unconstitutional restriction on speech. First Resort calls itself a “state-licensed health clinic that provides free counseling and certain free medical services to women who seek pregnancy-related information and medical care.”
“The purpose of the ordinance is to destroy or minimize First Resort’s ability to communicate with women who are or may be considering abortion,” according to the group’s 16-page complaint.
The law would allegedly have a chilling effect on organizations like First Resort “by threatening the imposition of severe fines and penalties for violations of unconstitutionally vague regulations of speech.”
Noting that it neither performs abortions nor refers clients to abortion providers, First Resort says it is being singled out for its political views.

Wait a minute…I thought San Francisco was all about freedom of expression. I mean, isn’t that what all the gay pride parades and walk-around-without-clothes-days are all about? The government shouldn’t be telling us how to live our lives, right? EXCEPT if the way we’d like to live (or work) happens to conflict with the official liberal party line. I’m sorry, but could someone please tell me the difference between what the city of San Francisco is attempting to do and what the Nazi party did in its earliest stages in 1933? If you don’t spout the official party nonsense, you shall be punished.

Lily Allen Loses Baby

1 11 2010

Very sad news today. Singer Lily Allen has lost her baby, with whom she had been pregnant for six months. This was her second miscarriage in three years. She had been due to give birth in January.

I googled “Lily Allen Miscarriage” and clicked on quite a few of the pages that came up in the search, and every website used the word “baby”. Not “fetus”. Even the more liberal websites like Huffington Post. Hmmm…so in this case, it’s okay to call it a baby, but if you’re referring to the subject of an abortion, you call it a fetus? What’s the difference? Well, in one instance, the baby is desired, so you can call it a baby. In the other instance, it’s not desired, so in order to assuage the guilt, you can call it a fetus. Dehumanize someone and it’s easier to do away with it. Like how the Nazis dealt with the guilt of killing millions of Jews during WWII.