Pro-Lifers Flood Obama Website

24 12 2008

Dan Gilgoff at U.S. News’ blog posts about the flood of comments that pro-lifers have posted at President-elect Obama’s transition team’s website.

When she [president of Americans United for Life, Charmaine Yoest] sent the E-mail last night, Yoest says, there were fewer than 200 comments responding to a memo titled “Advancing Reproductive Rights and Health in a New Administration,” on the Obama site, Now, there are almost 2,000 comments.

Comments areas are notorious for their nastiness, but I’m struck by the respectful tone of these protests. Does it mean pro-lifers see Obama as a different kind of Democrat, more willing to listen to their concerns than has traditionally been the case? In that regard, the civil tone suggests that Obama might be able to make headway with pro-lifers with policies that reduce demand for abortions without restricting abortion rights.

No, Dan, what it means is that pro-lifers are generally much more civil than their counterparts on the pro-abortion side. And don’t be deceived by the “civil tone”–most pro-lifers will not settle for policies that do not restrict abortion rights.


Obama’s Q&A site stifles free speech

14 12 2008

In yet another sign of how things might be under the Obama administration, if you go to President-Elect Obama’s Open For Questions website, you’ll see a blatant example of the way that the Left really believes in the freedom of speech.

This website was set up to allow Americans to post questions that they have for Obama. You can vote for questions to help move them up the list. You can also flag questions that you think are inappropriate, and they are then disqualified from being sent to Obama’s team to be answered.

Do a search for “Freedom of Choice Act” or “abortion” and you’ll see many questions about Obama’s promise to make his first legislative act to be signing the Freedom of Choice Act, which would remove all state restrictions on abortion. You’ll also notice that any questions asking if he would rescind that promise have been flagged as inappropriate. The pro-abortion activists have made a concentrated effort to cut pro-lifers out of the discussion.

Here are a few that were flagged as inappropriate:

“Would you consider rescinding your promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, given your desire to reduce abortions and to seek common ground, and in light of the fact that it would invalidate every measure and law intended to reduce abortions?”
Justin Taylor, Chicago

This submission was removed because people believe it is inappropriate.

“Will you still follow through with your promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, even though Maryland has passed similar legislation and their abortion rates have risen significantly compared to their prior numbers and the rest of the nation?”
Jonathan Baird, Magnolia, AR

This submission was removed because people believe it is inappropriate.

You can register and leave feedback here. They’ve closed the first round of questions, but should be opening again soon. I sent feedback, asking for them to hire a moderator panel to make final decisions on the appropriateness of questions before they’re disqualified from the website. Otherwise, their stated goal of giving Americans unprecedented access to their administration is just a joke.

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