Condi Rice Not the Best Choice For Veep

15 07 2012

Ramesh Ponnuru at National Review Online has some great points why Condeleeza Rice wouldn’t be the best choice for Mitt Romney’s running mate. His top three reasons all relate to her views on abortion.

1) Her selection would seriously offend many social conservatives — possibly enough to depress their turnout. In general, I think claims that conservatives will stay home in this election are overblown: Opposition to President Obama is running pretty hot. A vice-presidential nominee who is “mildly” in favor of letting a million unborn children be killed every year, though, would be one of the few things that would make this scenario plausible. Keep in mind, she would be the first pro-choicer on a Republican ticket since Roe v. Wade — unless she flipped and made herself look like a political hack just as the country was being introduced to her as a candidate.

2) Related: Her selection would require Romney to go back on his word. During the primaries, he committed to picking a pro-life vice president. (See the South Carolina forum held on September 5, 2011.)

3) Further related: Her selection would reinforce doubts conservatives already have about him.

I hope Romney hasn’t already forgotten how hesitant many socially conservative Americans have been to accept his candidacy, based in large part on his previous pro-abortion stance when he was governor of Massachusetts. What he needs now is a running mate who will solidify his status with core conservatives.